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Become part of the research community in the Netherlands

Are you figuring out what you want after your PhD? Or curious to see what other possibilities there are after your PhD?

AcademicTransfer developed a new career platform, AcademicsConnected, to help you and your fellow researchers find your career path in or outside of academia. This platform is a collaboration of the Dutch research universities, university medical centres and research organisations NWO, KNAW and the KB.

What can you do on AcademicsConnected?

  • Explore research career possibilities in six different sectors
  • Determine what skills and competences you need for your next step
  • Connect with like-minded researchers to share and help each other with next career steps
  • Take a self-assessment to test your employeneurship
  • Take actual career steps to help you to get ready for your next career step
  • Gather all the necessary information to make an informed and sound decision about your future career

Explore career paths with the Career Navigator

On AcademicsConnected you can orientate yourself on six different career journeys for PhDs, both in and outside academia. On a career journey map, just like a subway map, you can explore research positions in different sectors. We call it the Career Navigator. It gives you a broad overview of research career possibilities in the Netherlands.


The six sectors you can discover are:

1. Academia
2. Universities of Applied Sciences
3. Industry
4. Not-for-profit
5. Government
6. Start-up

What information will you find in the Career Navigator?

You can read facts & figures about every next career step after your PhD, like important tasks and skills you need for the job and a salary indication. You can also view a video from an expert in that sector with tips on how to get the position and we share personal stories from others who took that career step.

"I believe the most important lesson from my career path is to start thinking about your options early."

— Pieter Houten, postdoc (academia)

Take a self-assessment with the Career Reflector


On AcademicsConnected we provide you with a free self-assessment, the Career Reflector. With this test you can reflect on your talents and skills.

You get a report with the results of the test. With this report you can do a gap analysis and check if you have what it takes to make the career move or if you need to train some skills.

Take career steps with the Career Buddy

On AcademicsConnected you can also find, carry out and administrate all of your career actions. The Career Buddy provides tips and tricks that PhDs can undertake to explore next career possibilities and take actual steps.

Think of:

  • Broadening your network
  • Professionalizing your CV
  • Preparing an effective personal pitch
  • Finding out how to boost the valorisation of your research

"Don’t look for advice, but for information. If you have gathered enough information, you don’t need advice."

— Rémon Saaltink, PhD graduate lecturer (University of Applied Sciences )

Let your future job find you!

To make use of the career services you will need to have an account, which you can create for free.

We advise you to complete your personal profile and upload your CV (optional) and make them available to employers, so recruiters can spot you for new positions. Getting a new job has never been so easy!