Introduction Bibliometric Search

In the current war for talent, finding the right candidates gets harder. You probably need to reach out to candidates that are not actively searching for a new job. What if you could identify researchers worldwide who's research aligns with your research needs and vacancies? This is now possible with the Bibliometric Search tool!

Get to know GlobalCampus

With GlobalCampus you can scout talents. Based on short abstracts and research proposals, we are able to find the ‘best fit’ among researchers who have already published about the subject. Chances are, some of the researchers we will identify for you are probably part of your network already, but field tests and pilots show unexpected candidates pop up regularly. It definitely broadens your scope and gives you the opportunity to reach out to potential candidates based on overlapping research theme’s.

GlobalCampus helps you to:

  • broaden your network
  • find potential candidates when you have a hard-to-fill vacancy

The tool is created by Impacter, in assignment of and in cooperation with AcademicTransfer. The source for the search is Open Alex, an open source database that contains over 210 million mostly academic publications. In this tool we use about 20 million publications between 2018 and now. The matches are based on a semantic search.

Request access

If you would like to enter GlobalCampus, first request an account with Audrey Peters.

Upload an abstract

After uploading an abstract you can choose to see the findings by:

  • relevant works
  • relevant experts
  • relevant institutions

Interpret your first findings

Once you selected your researchers you see the following:

  • Name of the researcher
  • Affiliation
  • All the links to relevant publications
  • Google query
  • LinkedIn profile
  • If available: scholar profile, orcid ID, personal page, ACM-profile
  • Number of yearly publications

Filter & downsize your findings

After the first results, you can further filter your findings on the basis of:

  • country
  • institution type
  • institution name
  • author
    • first author
    • last author
    • both types
    • co-authors

Export your findings

You can indicate the researchers and export your list of favorite authors to an excel file.

Instruction Manual - work in progress

Participants of this pilot have access to the instruction manual and are asked to add experiences, findings, etc. If you did not participate in the pilot, please ask AcademicTransfer for access to this manual by sending a mail to