Are you a PhD candidate, postdoc, researcher or (assistant/associate) professor?

The Netherlands is looking for researchers like you!

Before you start looking for research jobs, it is important to have a good understanding of your talents and skills. Career success begins with knowing yourself. Our Career Reflector can help you out.

Why doing research in the Netherlands?

  • Excellent research: all Dutch universities are among the top 2% of universities worldwide
  • The Netherlands ranks 2nd worldwide in publications per researcher and citation impact score
  • A broad variety of research subjects: agriculture, behaviour and society, economics, engineering, food, health, language and culture, law, natural sciences
  • Best non-native English speaking country
  • Almost never tuition fees to do a four-year PhD trajectory
  • Dutch innovative top sectors are among the best in the world: agri & food, water, logistics, high tech, energy, horticulture, IT, chemistry, life sciences and creative industries
  • Great place to live and centrally located in Europe

Reflect on your talents and skills with the Career Reflector


Are you aware of your strengths, weaknesses and preferred working style?

When you know yourself, it’s easier to find your dream job. You can shape your own career path if you know what qualities you bring to your next job and which skills you would still like to develop.

Our Career Reflector helps you to get a better understanding of your talents and skills. This self-assessment consists of 149 questions. You will be presented two statements and have to choose which one suits you best. There are no right or wrong answers.

Work with the results

After taking the self-assessment, you will know:

  • what your preferred approach is to developing and sharing knowledge
  • how you preferably work with others
  • how you demonstrate personal leadership
  • what your preferred working style is

The results give you insights into yourself and makes it easier to look for jobs and employers that fit you as a person.


Find out who you are as an employee

Get aware of your strengths and weaknesses and take our self-assessment now. The test is free, you only need an account. This test is provided by Pontes, you will be redirected to their website.

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