Prof. Dr. Alessandra Palmigiano

Professor of mathematics


Logics for social behaviour

The aim of the newly created research group on Logics for Social Behaviour at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is to address a number of topics, both theoretical and applied, where logic can be used as a tool for formalizing aspects of social behaviour such as agency and interaction, categorisation, evaluation and decision-making. We pivot on a wide range of methods in mathematical logic (duality theory, order theory, formal topology, algebraic logic, structural proof theory), employed to develop overarching theoretical and formal frameworks for classes of logics specifically designed to describe and reason about social dynamics (e.g. self-reinforcing processes in markets, organizations and society, deliberation and decision-making procedures), linking them to work with cutting-edge data-analytic methods in AI, as they are applied in a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, such business/management, economics, psychology and sociology, and in the humanities, such as history, linguistics and philosophy.