Dr. Senja Barthel

Assistant professor at the mathematics department, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


About Senja Barthel

Professional background

Mathematics, applied and pure: Topological graph theory, mathematical modelling in materials science.


Academic background

  • PhD from Imperial College London
  • Diplom from TU Berlin
  • Research experience from Waseda university Tokyo and Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne Switzerland.
  • I have been a member of mathematics departments, chemistry and chemical engineering department


Chemistry, Materials Science, Graph Theory, Applied mathematics, Materials modelling, Topology, Mathematics, Energy materials

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Project description

In this project we study in how far rigidity theory from graph theory can be used to predict the flexibility of metal-organic frameworks. Rigidity theory studies the flexible modes of graphs. Metal-organic frameworks are a class of materials that consist of metal centers and organic linkers.

They are potentially interesting for applications because they are porous. We want to investigate the flexibility of these materials by modelling their molecular bond network by a graph that respects the chemical constrains in flexibility using rigidity theory. The project can contain a computational part.

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