Prof. Dr. Sylvestre A. Bonnet

Leiden University


About Sylvestre Bonnet

Sylvestre Bonnet is Full Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Leiden University. He studies the (photo)chemistry of metal-based molecules in biological and biomimetic environment.


By combining bioinorganic chemistry and photochemistry his group makes new light-activatable prodrugs for use as targeted anticancer agents with minimal side effects.

Another part of the group studies how to assemble metal-based photosensitizers and catalysts to trap the sun energy into a solar fuel.

About the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC)

The Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) is the largest institution gathering chemistry research groups within Leiden University.

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Available projects

We have places for students with CSC scholarships:

  • CSC Light-activated anticancer drugs
  • CSC Photocatalytic liposomes
  • Electrocatalysis for the oxygen reduction and/or the oxygen evolution reaction

Read more projects details in the linked PDF file.

Come and meet The Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC)

During the PhD Workshop China Dutch Virtual Event you can contact Prof. Dr. Bonnet via Skype (username sylvestrebonnet).

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