Prof. Dr. Ir. Bart Bossink

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


About Bart Bossink

Prof.dr. Bart Bossink is a full professor of Science, Business & Innovation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


His research covers innovation and sustainability in corporate and institutional organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and start-ups.

He published over 60 articles in international peer-reviewed academic journals, wrote eight books for research, educational and professional purpose, regularly serves as an advisor of Dutch governmental bodies, and presented various programs on Dutch national television about business innovation.

Potential Ph.D. topics:

  • Sustainable energy demonstration projects: organization, strategy, and innovation processes of clean and sustainable energy technology development and commercialization in pilots and demonstrations.
  • Personalized medicine: tailoring tomorrow’s healthcare (drug development, therapy offering, organization of the healthcare system) towards the personal needs of citizens and patients.
  • Circular economy: creating a cradle-to-cradle business process and economic system that is clean, sustainable, and high-quality.
  • Smart cities: developing the city of the future, which is innovative, sustainable, IT-driven, clean, and inclusive for all residents.

Come and meet the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

During the PhD Workshop China Dutch Virtual Event you can contact Prof. Dr. Bossink via WeChat (username VUprofs).

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