Prof. Dr. Cristiane de Morais Smith

Professor of condensed matter physics, more specifically: strongly correlated systems


About Cristiane de Morais Smith

Cristiane de Morais Smith Lehner is a Brazilian theoretical physicist and professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Utrecht, where she leads a research group studying condensed matter physics, cold atoms and strongly-correlated systems. In 2019, the European Physical Society awarded Morais Smith its Emmy Noether Distinction.

Morais Smith has authored or co-authored over 100 academic papers, including articles in Nature Communications, Physical Review, and Physical Review B, where several of her papers have been recognized as "Editors Choice" and "Scientific Highlights". As of March 2020, her work has received over 2900 citations.

In addition, Morais Smith is an editor for the European Journal of Physics B, which focuses on condensed matter and complex systems.

What i am looking for

I am looking for PhD candidates who can get a scholarship in their own country to work in my group at Utrecht University. I hold a chair in theoretical condensed-matter physics and work on many different topics, from graphene to topological insulators, fractional derivatives, high-Tc superconductors, quantum fractals, quantum simulators, etc...The candidate will mostly work using analytical tools, such as quantum field theory, but will also use some numerical tools, like Mathematica, or write small programs in Phyton or C.