Dr. Daniela Vicherat Mattar

Associate Professor of Sociology, Leiden University


Leiden University

About Daniela Vicherat Mattar

Daniela Vicherat Mattar is Associate Professor of Sociology at Leiden University College, The Hague (LUC), where she holds a portfolio on interdisciplinarity. Trained in Chile as a sociologist (Pontificia Universidad Católica) she did an MA in Social and Political Thought at Warwick University and completed her PhD at the European University Institute in Florence. Prior to joining LUC, she was Marie-Curie Research Fellow at the School of History of Edinburgh University.

Her research interests focus on 3Cs: Cities, Citizenship and Care. In relation to Cities, Daniela's research has focused on exploring how large socio-political processes can be read and translate in and through urban forms. For example, one of her recent publications is about how it is possible to understand the current socio-political dynamics of current Chile by looking at the changes and contentions around a central public square in Santiago. Daniela is interested in unpacking the ways in which ideas of belonging manifest in practice and through concrete infrastructures (like walls, public squares, markets, museums, etc). In this light, she is also interested in exploring the expression of social dynamics in urban aesthetics (graffiti and street art) in Europe and Latin America.

Doing research about the politics of belonging and varied forms of collective action in the city has led Daniela to the study (and teaching) of citizenship. Particularly in relation to the paradoxical nature of citizenship, a status that sits in the gap between how it is conceptualized and how it is experienced. In relation to this she has conducted research projects to study the role of borders (intra-urban and international) in reflecting dominant ideas and experiences of citizenship and, recently, care. Currently, Daniela's interests focus on exploring the connections between citizenship, vulnerability and the politics of care. In this line, she is leading an interdisciplinary project titled 'The many faces of food markets during COVID-19: Stories of solidarity and change through and with food' funded by the Global Transformations and Governance Challenges (GTGC) initiative at Leiden University.

Scientific disciplines for my research

  • Sociology,
  • Urban Sociology,
  • Social Anthropology,
  • Cultural Studies,
  • Political History,
  • Human Geography,
  • Social Geography,
  • Ethics in Social Sciences

Latest publications

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  • Snap-Send-Share-Story: A Methodological Approach to Understanding Urban Residents’ Household Food Waste Group Stories in The Hague (Netherlands).

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  • Europe, the familiar stranger.

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