Prof. Dr. Han de Winde

Professor in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology and Director of Education at the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL), Leiden University


About Han de Winde

Han de Winde is professor in Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology and Director of Education at the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL).


He has a longstanding and thorough expertise in scientific research in molecular microbiology, microbial systems biology and industrial biotechnology, as well as in education at BSc, MSc, PhD and advanced level.

About the Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL)

The Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL) is an internationally oriented institute for top research and education in biology. We are part of the Faculty of Science at Leiden University. We perform top quality innovative fundamental and strategic research leading to scientific progress, contributing to solutions for the grand societal challenges, and generate industrial opportunities, reflected in our four research themes:

Research within these themes covers disciplines like molecular biology and genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, physiology, immunobiology, evolutionary biology, behavioural biology, microbiology, biotechnology, plant ecology. Our PhD programmes are embedded within the Graduate School of Science and are closely linked to on-going research projects, allowing students to fully exploit our scientific strengths.

The Institute of Biology website:

PhD projects

The IBL offers the following PhD research projects to CSC candidates:

  • Model driven structure-function analysis of Pseudomonas putida genes, proteins and metabolic networks in response to solvent stress
  • Pseudomonas putida as an industrial host for biobased production of value added compounds
  • Microbial cell factories and novel enzymes for selective and efficient recycling of plastics and related polymeric materials
  • Dissecting regulatory mechanisms of transcriptional co-repressors in intracellular receptor-mediated immunity
  • Identification and characterization of novel regulatory components downstream of intracellular receptor-mediated immunity
  • Functional characterization of transcription factors involved in the adaptation of plant growth to environmental changes

Read more projects details in the linked PDF file.

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