Prof. Dr. Jelle Goeman

Professor of statistics, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)


About Jelle Goeman

I am professor of statistics at Leiden University Medical Center. I develop novel statistical methods in high-dimensional multiple testing and selective inference with applications in neuroimaging and omics.


The emphasis in these methods is on user flexibility: I want to allow users to interact with their data without destroying true discovery guarantees.

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

Leiden University Medical Center hosts the most prominent medical statistics group in the Netherlands, with a strong research focus on high-dimensional data, prediction modelling and survival analysis.

It is closely connected with clinical and biomedical reseach, as well as to the other statistics groups of Leiden University at mathematics and psychology.

Come and meet Leiden University Medical Center

I am looking for a student with a statistics, data science or computer science background, who is interested to work on the interface of theory and applications. Strong mathematics skills are essential.

Meet with Prof. Dr. Jelle Goeman during the PhD Workshop China Dutch Virtual Event.

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