Dr. Sandra Hasanefendic

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


About Sandra Hasanefendic

Dr Sandra Hasanefendic is an assistant professor in Science Business and Innovation Division at the Faculty of Science of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where she teaches on topics related to innovation, tech commercialization and tech reappropriation in the life science industry.


Her research focuses on scientific and research valorization processes, technological readiness in the life sciences, specifically in countries such as China, South Africa and the US. Sandra has also been a director for international PhD recruitment where she expanded the university’s strategy in internationalization for doctoral education.

Previously, she worked as a research associate at the Technical University Lisbon and did a double PhD at ISCTE-IUL Lisbon Portugal and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

PhD topics

Potential PhD topics (all projects are interdisciplinary):

  • Tech re-appropriation for artificial intelligence-aided drug repurposing
  • Sustainability in drug development: drug repurposing and the open collaboration model
  • Increasing drug efficacy: Tech re-appropriation of phototherapy
  • Open innovation in neuroscience research and drug discovery

Further information and contacts

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