Prof. Koen Kuijken

Professor Galactic astronomy, Leiden University


About the Leiden Observatory

Leiden Observatory is the astronomy department of Leiden University. It is one of the oldest astronomy departments in the world, with a rich tradition of research on a wide range of topics. Leiden is a charming old town in the Netherlands with an active student life.


The department consists of over 20 faculty and 50 postdoctoral researchers, and currently hosts about 80 PhD students.

Available projects

We have places for students with CSC scholarships, including the following projects:

  • Optical analysis of space ices
  • Radio feedback and the evolution of galaxies and their massive black holes
  • Interpreting Galactic and Extra-galactic Molecular Observations Through Statistical Methods
  • Studying exoplanet's interior-atmosphere connection
  • X-ray diagnostics of cold gas in AGNs and galaxies
  • Advanced atomic data and modeling for X-ray spectroscopy

Projects are available in 2020 for start in 2021. Preferred start date is September or October. Read more projects details in the linked PDF file .

See an interesting project?

Arrange an interview

If you are interested in any of these positions please contact me (kuijken [at] for an interview. Please include the project title in the message/email.

During the PhD Workshop China Dutch Virtual Event you can contact Prof. Kuijken via Skype (username koen.kuijken).

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