Prof. Dr. Harry W.M. Steinbusch

Professor in Cellular and Translational Neuroscience, Maastricht University


About Harry Steinbusch

Prof. Harry Steinbusch is appointed as Professor in Cellular and Translational Neuroscience at University of Maastricht (UM) in the Netherlands. Currently, he is involved as Principal Coordinator Strategy Academic Relations towards PRChina, Korea and Japan and the China Scholarship Council Program at UM comprising close to 250 PhD students.


He is Chairman of the Dutch-China University Network (DCUN). He is Fellow of the Indian Society for Neuroscience, Adjunctive Professor at DGIST in Daegu, Korea; University Of Colombo, Sri Lanka; University of Sao Paulo, Brasil and Capital National University, Beijing, China.

He is co-organizer of the BrightFocus Foundation initiated Alzheimer Fast Track annual 3 days workshop for young career scientists. He is Founding and Current Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy, current i.f. 2.4 and associate Editor for Current Research for Behavioral Sciences, both Elsevier Journals.

He is Past-President of the Neurotoxicity Society, Founding Director of the European Graduate School of Neuroscience a gathering of 8 universities in the EUregio and NENS - Network of European Neuroscience Schools. He has been involved for 13 years as Director of the School for Mental Health and Neuroscience at Maastricht University.

His research interests are focussed on neurodevelopmental influences towards depression and neurodegenerative diseases i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease as studied in animal models and postmortem human material. It approaches to start and prevent neurodegenerative processes. This implies combining a broad range of techniques, i.e. molecular neurobiology, quantitative neuromorphology, animal behavior and epigenetics.

He has thus far guided 98 Ph.D. students and published 505 papers. He has been twice coordinating a Marie Curie Early Stage Training site. He was coordinator of an Erasmus Mundus + program between 4 European and 3 Japanese Universities. He is affiliated on 27 editorial board and member of 20 International review committees. His current Hirsch factor is 94, citations without self-citations 34,538 and M-factor is 2.3.

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During the PhD Workshop China Dutch Virtual Event you can contact Prof. Dr. Steinbusch via Skype (username hwmsteinbusch) or Weibo (username SteinbuschHWM).

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