Drs. Tim Zwaagstra

Senior Policy Adviser Southeast Asia, early-stage counselor prospective PhD candidates

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We offer these PhD programs

  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Science & Engineering
  • Medical Sciences

About the University of Groningen

The University of Groningen provides an inclusive and stimulating environment for PhD candidates by facilitating intensive contact between prominent academics and students, a challenging interdisciplinary and international environment, professional development opportunities for graduate students, high-level services, activities and events, and a setting that fosters academic integrity. These elements ensure the development of strong research and transferable skills for PhD candidates, thus creating an excellent basis for future career opportunities. During the PhD Workshop Mr. Zwaagstra will be joined by Mr. John Falvey (Global Outreach Asia) and by Mrs. Ponti Caroline (GROW Representative Office Jakarta). They will represent the University of Groningen.

Faculties in Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Education)
  • Faculty of Economics & Business (Economics, Econometrics & Finance; Global Economics & Management; Organizational Behavior; Innovation & Organization; Marketing; Operations Management & Operations Research)
  • Faculty of Humanities (Literary & Culture Studies; Linguistics; Archaeology & Arctic Studies)
  • Faculty of Law (Effective Criminal Law; Law on Energy & Sustainability; Protecting European Citizens & Market Participants; Public Trust & Public Law; User-Friendly Private Law; Transboundary Legal Studies)
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Spatial Sciences (Well-being, Innovation, and Spatial Transformation)
  • Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins; Comparative Study of Religion; Christianity and the History of Ideas)

Faculty of Science & Engineering

  • Advanced Materials (Zernike Institute)
  • Astronomy (Kapteyn Institute)
  • Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB)
  • Chemistry (Stratingh Institute)
  • Energy and Sustainability (ESRIG)
  • Engineering and Technology (ENTEG)
  • Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES)
  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (Bernoulli Institute)
  • Particle Physics and Gravity (Van Swinderen Institute)
  • Pharmacy (GRIP)
  • Science Education and Communication (ISEC)

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN)
  • Biomaterials (Kolff Institute)
  • Chronic Diseases and Drug Exploration (GUIDE)
  • Health Research (SHARE)
  • Oncology (CRCG)

Groningen Research Centre for Southeast Asia and ASEAN (SEA ASEAN)

The aim of the SEA-ASEAN centre is to further inter-disciplinary research on contemporary Southeast Asia and ASEAN. We aim to bridge high quality scholarly research, with policy relevance and a concern for societal outcomes, in the study of the nations and societies of Southeast Asia and ASEAN as a regional actor. A special focus is placed on middle-income developing countries in the region with a democratic tradition - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand - as well as countries in economic and political transition, especially Vietnam and Myanmar.

The University of Groningen PhD Scholarship Top-Up

Recipients of a full Indonesian government scholarship (LPDP, DIKTI, Bappenas, and others) are eligible for the UG Top-Up, which will supplement their cost-of-living allowance with a monthly stipend of around € 700 (the exact amount depends on the amount of the Indonesian scholarship). The award and the amount of the stipend depend on the duration of the scholarship (should be 4 years for PhD) and the actual amount of the cost-of-living allowance of the scholarship.

Pre-Doctoral Summer Program Jakarta

In cooperation with our partners VU Amsterdam and Leiden University, we offer an intensive pre-doctoral program for prospective PhD candidates at the Erasmus Training Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is a one-week training program that will teach prospective candidates what to expect of the Dutch PhD program, its cultural context, and its hard and soft skills requirements. The program includes language and writing classes, and a big component of research proposal preparation.

The prospective date for the 2022 program is late June / early July.