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Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an internationally oriented university with a strong social orientation in its education and research, as expressed in our mission ‘Creating positive societal impact’. EUR is home to 3.700 academics and professionals and almost 33.000 students from more than 140 countries. Everything we do, we do under the credo The Erasmian Way – Making Minds Matter. We’re global citizens, connecting, entrepreneurial, open-minded, and socially involved.

These Erasmian Values function as our internal compass and create EUR’s distinctive and recognizable profile. From these values, with a broad perspective and with an eye for diversity, different backgrounds and opinions, our employees work closely together to solve societal challenges from the dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam. Thanks to the high quality and positive societal impact of our research and education, EUR can compete with the top European universities.

Erasmian stories


Associate Professor Federica Viola, Erasmus School of Law:

At EUR there is a strong desire to make impact. For me that starts with encouraging critical thinking among students”.

Read Federica’s story here!


PhD students Roger de Jong & Bob Rombach, Rotterdam School of Management:

Science is different from consultancy. You contribute to the development of knowledge that a much broader audience can benefit from.

Read Roger and Bob’s story here!

Our campus

Dual Career Programme

Are you considering working at EUR, but do you currently live outside the Netherlands? We understand that moving can be a big step on both a professional and personal level. Our HR International team is there to support you during your relocation and make sure your transition is as smooth as possible. Additionally, through our Dual Career Programme, we can also help your partner find a suitable job in the Netherlands. The Dual Career Programme has a 95% success rate, helping both you and your partner settle in in the Netherlands.

The Dual Career Programme of Erasmus University Rotterdam greatly helped me in settling and finding a job in the Netherlands. They registered me with a Dutch language course, assisted me in updating my application materials and align it with expectations of the Dutch labour market, and, most importantly, supported me in building up a local network. Thanks to the university's network, I got a nicely fitting job as a data scientist at Allianz Benelux through one of these contacts.


Our focus is on positive societal impact, and creating a sustainable world is an important part of that. In the coming years, we will be embarking on an accelerated sustainability program. This program is already visible in many areas. We have 64 degree and non-degree programs focused on sustainability, and sustainability is present in much of our research, highlighted in, for example, the Erasmus Initiatives. Additionally, we have programs for sustainable transportation such as our bicycle allowance, we build sustainably, increase vegetarian and vegan food options on our campus and much more. You can read all about our sustainability goals and achievements here!

Working at

Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to provide a valuable contribution to the social challenges of our age, as an institution and as an employer. We do this together with over 3.700 academics and professionals and 33.000 students from more than 140 countries. With an open mind and attention for diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, our scientists and researchers, teachers, students, and professionals work on solving major social issues, as indicated by our motto Making Minds Matter. Making Minds Matter reflects our scientific and social ambitions, and our entrepreneurial mindset. What sets us apart is the way we embody these ambitions: the Erasmian Way.

The Erasmian Way is composed of our Erasmian values: being a world citizen, engaged with society, connecting, entrepreneurial and open-minded. Our goal is to have these values fully ingrained in our DNA by 2024, and we are looking for people that embody these values and wish to achieve positive societal impact with us. Like our namesake, Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to make a sustainable contribution to solving current social issues.

EUR provides you with an environment where you can have genuine positive societal impact through your work, whether in research, education or professional services. We offer excellent conditions: flexibility in your work hours, a significant amount of paid leave, as well as personal and professional development – more on that below. Working at the EUR means being part of a team of enthusiastic and dedicated people that support and challenge each other. Our global connections will help you expand your network and allow you to connect with experts in your field.

What we offer

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, we are always looking for driven individuals that want to have genuine impact and achieve change. Ambitious academics and professionals who find it important to put their knowledge, skills, and experiences to use for a better and more inclusive society. That is what being an Erasmian means to us. We see it as our responsibility to create an environment where you are able to achieve your goals – where you can be yourself, thrive and grow. Want to know more about our Employer Vision and benefits? Take a look at our website.

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, we offer you the following:

  • Positive Societal Impact – a job at EUR is a job with impact!
  • Room for creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Personal and professional development
  • International and inclusive work setting
  • Achieving balance together: 8 weeks of paid leave



Call for abstracts - AI-Experiences and Public Safety

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International and transdisciplinary symposium on surveillance experiences

April 8th - 9th 2024, at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The symposium will provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, artists and experts from various fields to share insights, findings, and perspectives related to the intersection of AI, surveillance, public safety and human experiences.

The widespread integration of AI into surveillance technologies within the realm of public safety has become increasingly prevalent, exemplified by the likes of biometric and emotional recognition, anomaly detection, DNA banks, crowd control, round-the-clock monitoring, and other forms of data-intensive surveillance. This phenomenon prompts crucial inquiries into its effects on the human experience.

The ambition of the symposium is to explore the multidimensional facets of AI-surveillance and its implications for public safety – encompassing beyond its technological and judicial issues to its emotional, social, and cultural contours. Building on the research in surveillance and AI, the aim of the symposium is to explore how AI-surveillance is experienced by individuals who define, judge, and have emotions related to being watched or being a watcher.

The deadline for proposals is January 15th, 2024. The symposium is free of charge and has limited spaces. Information about keynotes, potential topics and further (contact)details can be found via this Erasmus-website.


Erasmus Initiative “Smarter Choices for Better Health” Conference 30 November

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Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC bring together a combined breadth and depth of expertise care that puts them in an excellent position to make interdisciplinary scientific and societal contributions concerning health and health care.

On this basis, the Erasmus Initiative “Smarter Choices for Better Health” (SCBH) stimulates collaboration between the various schools and departments and to help providing new, compelling answers to wicked health related problems in society.

From its start activities in SCBH have been organized in four Action Lines:

- Incentivizing Prevention
- Health Equity
- Outcome-based Healthcare
- Evaluation of Healthcare

After successful earlier events, SCBH will organize a new conference on November 30, 2023 (10:00 - 16:30h) on Campus Woudestein, providing another opportunity for this broader community to get together and discuss ongoing research and shared interests.

During the event, researchers involved in SCBH will present their (intermediate) results. At the same time we are very interested in other projects at the EUR that study related topics. 

More information about the programme, the Action Lines and registration:

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