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Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is a highly ranked, international university, based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam, with its port acting as a gateway to the world. Our quality of research and education is reflected in a consistent top-100 position in most major university rankings. Almost 30.000 students and 3400 employees of more than 100 nationalities are constantly encouraged to develop their talents and meet their ambition.

Ever since our foundation we’ve been part of the fabric of society. And this continues to shape our way of thinking and doing. Erasmus University Rotterdam is committed to being fully engaged with society. We take our responsibility and strive to understand and make actively progress towards solving complex societal challenges, with alignment in our core activities of education and research and in close cooperation with our partners locally and globally. We make minds matter.

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Are you thinking about applying for a job at Erasmus University Rotterdam, but unsure what it would be like to start out in times of corona? Mathilde van der Schors recently commenced her employment at EUR working entirely from home. In this article, she shares her experience and the steps she took to connect with her colleagues.


Erasmus University Rotterdam is investing in a sustainable and future-proof campus. Plans for a new, energy-neutral and climate-proof building built using circular construction principle, have recently been announced. The building will feature plenty of natural light and plants to create a comfortable and cozy ambience. Check out the article to read more and see the architects’ impressions.

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Erasmus University offers a spacious and comfortable work environment. The mixture of an open floor plan combined with meeting rooms and private offices provides you the opportunity to be social when you want to be and focused when you need to be.

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an international institute and home to many renowned researchers and professors. At our lively campuses you will find yourself surrounded by innovative and inspiring ideas and people, and have access to our university library, various sports facilities and our on-campus restaurant and cafes. The EUR offers an open and inclusive company culture, where everyone is encouraged to be themselves and to collaborate to deal with society’s challenges.


"I felt at home at Erasmus right away. I matter, and my work makes a difference"

What we offer

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) provides you with an environment where you can have genuine positive societal impact through your work, whether in research, education or professional services. We offer excellent conditions: flexibility in your work hours, a significant amount of paid leave, as well as personal and professional development. Working at the EUR means being part of a team of enthusiastic and dedicated people that support and challenge each other. Our global connections will help you expand your network and allow you to connect with experts in your field.

"At EUR I have the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges"