Global Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fellowship call 2021

Unlock your full potential

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) seeks to be a catalyst for societal and economic change in Saudi Arabia and the world, addressing national and global needs under five Research Pillars:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Food & Health
  • Digital domain

KAUST has established a new Global Fellowship Program that will recruit up to ten talented postdoctoral researchers each year. The cohort of Global Fellows will contribute to the outstanding expertise at KAUST and take advantage of its unparalleled laboratory facilities and exceptional equipment to explore and realize their research ideas and goals.

About the fellowship

The Fellowship Program is designed with two strands:

  • one that is general and relevant to topics under the five Research Pillars
  • one that is focused on a research area that is time relevant. Year-to-year, Strand 2 will focus on different research areas that are strategically important to KAUST and that are highly topical. "Hydrogen production and storage solutions" is the topic for this year.

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program is designed to attract emerging research leaders working across areas under the five Research Pillars of KAUST. It will support excellent postdoctoral researchers taking the initial steps towards a fully independent research career by providing them the resources to conduct a three-year research project of their own design and under their own management.

In addition, KAUST Global Fellows will enjoy opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchange, leadership training, teaching training, community engagement, professional mentorship, access to an international alumni network, and a welcoming staff dedicated to the wellbeing of all Global Fellows.


Profile candidates

Candidates are required to submit a 3-year research proposal in an area of research aligned with those of KAUST and that addresses global challenges under one or more of the five Research Pillars. The topic can be general in nature for Strand 1 or focussed on hydrogen production and storage for Strand 2. 

  • Ph.D. degree related to the five research pillars of KAUST and the proposed research project
  • Up to 4 years of relevant postdoctoral research experience
  • Strong communication skills and fluency in English
  • Submission of a comprehensive research proposal
  • Support letter from a KAUST host PI

The KAUST Global Fellowship program seeks to identify excellent early career researchers from across the world, invest in their talent and help to unlock their full potential as scientific leaders.

— Prof. Donal D.C. Bradley

What we offer

  • An annual stipend of 75,000 USD (6,250 USD monthly)
  • An independent annual research budget of up to 45,000 USD
  • Access to unparalleled laboratory facilities
  • Career and professional development programs, including mentoring and leadership programs
  • Medical insurance, accommodation, schooling, relocation and travel allowance