Faculty of Impact

We are looking for you

Faculty of Impact is a new national program for scientists who want to turn their research into a business with impact. It is created by the Dutch universities (UNL), together with our Dutch Research Council NWO and Techleap.

  • €200.000 in funding
  • a world-class entrepreneurship program
  • coaching

Combine world-class academic institutions with a powerful entrepreneurial drive and you get a generation of tech companies that can impact our societal challenges. That’s why we support Faculty of Impact.

— Constantijn van Oranje, Techleap


During the two year program, you’ll get €200.000 in funding, a world-class entrepreneurship program and coaching.

Year 1
In the first year you build a working prototype and explore your market potential by talking to potential customers. In addition, you will incorporate your company and start building a team. At the end of the first year, you decide whether you are ready to take the next step or return to academia.

Year 2
In year 2 you work towards a pilot project with customers. If all goes well, there is a clear path to a viable business model. If not, we help you with a plan B or C. We support you in attracting funding for the next phase of development.

Faculty of Impact gives researchers a unique opportunity. They’ll get the time, resources and support to increase the societal impact of their work.

— Mirjam van Praag, Voorzitter College van Bestuur, Vrije Universiteit

The first call for proposals is now open. We have room for a group of ten hypermotivated fellows that focus on sustainability and the energy transition. Application deadline: 18th of Januari 2022