Pre-Doctoral Course

Hosted by Erasmus Training Centre in Jakarta

The Pre-Doctoral course at Erasmus Training Centre (ETC) is specifically designed to meet the needs of Doctoral-level international students. This course has been jointly developed by two top Dutch universities: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Leiden University.

The objective is to support incoming and future Indonesian PhD candidates to have better preparation for their PhD trajectories. The Pre-Doctoral course is the perfect stepping-stone to a prestigious Dutch Doctoral degree.





Over the years, we have witnessed an increasing need of PhD candidates to develop research skills and competences, reinforce academic writing skills in English, and boost presentation skills in order to successfully commence their PhD trajectory. With this intensive programme we aim to prepare PhD candidates for the start of their PhD trajectories in the Netherlands, by equipping them with the necessary skills to face upfront PhD research challenges.


The programme is well balanced with a module on life in the Netherlands, Dutch culture in general and the Dutch academic system. This makes the move and transition to the Netherlands easier and faster.

For who?

The programme is suitable for PhD candidates who intend to do a PhD in the Netherlands in the near future, but also for PhDs who already have been accepted to Dutch universities and are going to come to the Netherlands to commence their training and research.

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Applications close: 15 May 2024

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