Finding a PhD in The Netherlands

If you are looking for a place to do a PhD in the Netherlands, look no further than AcademicTransfer. Obtaining a PhD is the beginning to an academic career. It allows you to learn about the academic world and to discover whether doing research suits you. AcademicTransfer lists all of the available PhD positions in the Netherlands.

This page lists all possible options we can offer. Please study them, and you will be able to find and apply for a suitable PhD in The Netherlands.

Different PhD options

It's important to learn about the different options first. In The Netherlands we offer paid PhD positions, where you will be employed to do your PhD and receive a salary. We also offer bursary PhD positions where you can bring your own scholarship. Please study the links below to learn more about the differences.

The strong points we have to offer in The Netherlands for researchers and PhDs

  1. High-quality universities: The Netherlands has highly-ranked universities that offer PhD programs, which means you'll receive an excellent education and have access to top-notch resources.
  2. Excellent research infrastructure: The Netherlands has a well-developed research infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, which will allow you to conduct cutting-edge research.
  3. Strong focus on interdisciplinary research: The Netherlands has a strong tradition of interdisciplinary research, which means you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from different fields and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.
  4. English as a language of instruction: English is widely spoken and used as a language of instruction in the Netherlands, which means you won't need to learn Dutch to work here.
  5. Support for international students: The Dutch government and universities offer several funding opportunities and scholarships for international students, which makes it easier to finance your PhD program.
  6. High quality of life: The Netherlands is known for its high quality of life, with excellent healthcare, public transportation, and a strong social safety net. This means you'll have a comfortable and secure living environment while you pursue your PhD.
  7. Career opportunities: The Netherlands has a thriving economy and offers many career opportunities in academia, industry, and government, making it an attractive place for PhD graduates to start their careers.
  8. Access to world-class research networks and collaborations: The Netherlands has strong connections with other research institutions around the world, which means you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from different countries and learn from their experiences.
  9. Paid PhD positions at universities and research institutions: Many PhD positions in the Netherlands are fully funded, which means you'll receive a salary while you pursue your degree. This can help to alleviate financial stress and allow you to focus on your research.
  10. Opportunity to learn about Dutch culture and experience living in Europe: Living in the Netherlands will allow you to experience a unique culture and explore the diverse landscapes of Europe during your free time. This can broaden your perspective and enhance your personal growth.