Join the largest worldwide academic recruitment event in the Netherlands

The 2024 edition is on March 23, 2024.

Contact and recruit Masters, PhD's, postdocs, or (assistant/associate) professors worldwide in one day! Interested in participating with your university, organization or faculty? Please contact

  • Date - 23 March 2024 7:00 AM - 23:00 PM CET
  • Connect with academics from all over the world: Master's, PhDs, postdocs and (assistant/associate) professors
  • Online career fair: strengthen your employer brand
  • Interview candidates and grow your talent pool
  • Meet with candidates for scholarship PhD positions, current vacancies and future contacts

Kickstart your talent pool


The Netherlands Recruitment Day offers you the opportunity to connect with over 1.000 academics worldwide at all levels and in all disciplines. From masters and early-stage researchers to full professors, looking for a next step in their career in the Netherlands.

During the online event, Dutch universities, research institutes and industry are invited to inform talented researchers about career opportunities. As a professor or recruiter this is your chance to interview candidates from all over the world in one day, based on their uploaded CV's and research proposals!

The Netherlands branding


Our aim is to promote The Netherlands as a research country pur sang. By joining our forces, we strengthen our international position. Between October 2023 and March 2024, we will reach out to over 500.000 potential candidates worldwide, of which we expect at least 1.000 to register. This event is supported by Euraxess, Dutch Embassies, RVO and AcademicTransfer.

<link to be inserted> our reference brochure.

Online career fair


You can join the Netherlands Recruitment Day conveniently from home. There will be an online career fair, where every participating organisation will get a booth. A great way to strengthen your employer brand!

You have the possibility to share brochures, give online presentations and chat with interested researchers about career opportunities. Download the stand manual <link to be inserted>.

Get one-on-one interviews with potential candidates


As a professor or recruiter, you can invite candidates for a first speed-date 20-minute interview! Before the event starts, you get access to all candidate CV's and research proposals. We will automatically match candidates with your actual vacancies or research areas. You decide which candidates you invite for an interview during the event. The venue offers video call facilities to discuss the candidate's ambition and research experiences.

The earlier you register as a delegate, the sooner we can announce your scientific fields being present amongst the potential candidates. This will enhance the chance to find the right candidate.

Time zones

As it is a global event, and we deal with different time zones, The Netherlands Recruitment Day is from 07:00 AM to 11:00 PM CET. You decide for yourself which hours you are present. Each delegate has a maximum of 48 interview time slots and 3 presentations/group sessions available during the day. We focus on:

  • South East Asia (China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand) from 7:00 AM - 14:00 PM
  • Central time zones (Europe, Africa) from 11:00 AM - 18:00 PM
  • Western time zones (Latin America, USA) from 15:00 PM - 23:00 PM

Why participate in this event?

  • Gain access to a talent pool of over 1.000 potential candidates worldwide
  • Meet candidates with a scholarship looking to do their PhD in the Netherlands
  • Meet both senior and early-stage researchers looking for their next career step
  • We aim especially (but not limited to) on candidates from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Thailand
  • Promote your university, faculty, industry positions or research programmes and get connected with talented candidates for future positions....
  • ... or use this event to promote your actual vacancies or PhD scholarship positions
  • We automatically match relevant candidates with your current research

Listen to our podcast about the benefits

About the organizer

The Netherlands Recruitment Day is organised by AcademicTransfer, the Netherlands' top career platform for academics, researchers and scientists. For more than 25 years AcademicTransfer represents the Dutch knowledge institutions and helps them in finding top talent worldwide for their positions.

AcademicTransfer is experienced in organising country-specific recruitment events. In the past, we recruited researchers in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Thailand. Due to corona, we also have a vast amount of experience in organising virtual events. With all lessons learned, we can provide you with the best experience.

What are the participation costs?

Pricing for 2024:

Stand at career fair
Free for AcademicTransfer members and RVO*.
Not a member or RVO invited industry? A fixed fee of € 1.500 will be charged for the stand, recruiters and assisting colleagues.


Assisting colleague

* Our members are all 14 Dutch research universities, KNAW (including all institutes), NWO-I (including all institutes) and all university medical centres. All prices are excluding 21% VAT.

Difference between delegate and supporting delegate

A delegate:

  • is often a professor, (faculty) recruiter, graduate school or industry advisor
  • invites candidates and schedules the interviews
  • conducts the interviews during the event
  • will get a profile page to present their offer, research and university (view example profile pages)
  • is entitled to run presentations and webinars during the event
  • has access to the organisation stand

A supporting delegate:

  • is often a HR employee or faculty member
  • can assist the delegate with the candidate pre-selection
  • can not make appointments with candidates
  • will not have their own profile page
  • has access to the organisation stand
  • can assist delegates in interviewing candidates

Lessons learned

Doing a virtual event has some pros and cons compared to more traditional live events. What we learned from past experiences and delegate evaluations is:

  • it is efficient to study CVs and research proposals upfront
  • it is effective in pre-selecting the most promising candidates
  • it is cost-saving, not having to travel; it saves costs of flights, hotels, and the live venue and booth
  • it is time effective; you schedule only the time slots that are convenient in your agenda with no travel times
  • your candidates are not limited to one city or one country
  • the interviews are very calm and relaxed (done from home), without distractions or background noise from colleague interviewers

But there are also some cons:

  • different time zones for you and the candidate can make scheduling times a challenge (that is why we support a time window from 7:00 AM to 23:00 PM CEST)
  • you will miss the 'non-verbal communication'
  • you will miss lively side programs with networking drinks, often leading to unexpected networking and matchmaking

Registration is open now

Please do not hesitate to schedule a call first, if you have questions about the event and your potential participation. Register directly at <link to be inserted>

Please note: if you want to participate as a visitor or candidate during the event, please use this link!