Instructions and advice

Setup Essentials for Smooth Sailing

Step 1: Choose the Right Browser To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for optimal compatibility. Other browsers like Safari, Explorer, and Edge may encounter hiccups, particularly with video calls initiated through the platform. Always use the most up-to-date version of your selected browser for the best performance.

Step 2: Perfect Your Audio We suggest using a headset with a microphone to minimize background noise. This little trick can make a significant difference in the clarity of your calls.

Step 3: Grant Necessary Permissions On your first venture into video calls, voice calls, or screen-sharing, our application will need your permission to operate smoothly. Watch out for a pop-up request and give it a thumbs up to proceed. This is a one-time setup that will pave the way for future calls.

Step 4: Choose Your Device Wisely For the best experience during your interviews, desktop and laptop computers are the way to go. They offer a stable environment over mobile phones, which can be less reliable for professional interactions.

Ready for a Test Drive?

Before diving into the real thing, why not take your sound and video setup for a spin?

Step 5: Conduct a Sound and Video Test You're invited to initiate a casual video call with our friendly staff at the Euraxess, AcademicTransfer, or Netherlands point of Entry booths. Think of it as a rehearsal - a chance to tweak your setup and banish those first-call jitters. We're here to make sure you're all set for showtime!

Most important menu options

Your Go-To Menu Guide for the Event

Here's a quick overview of the key menu items you'll want to keep on your radar:

Academia and Industry/Partners virtual Booths

  • Meet the Experts: Step into the virtual booths to chat with staff officers ready to assist with any queries about their specific employer or organization.
  • Gather Info: Swing by Euraxess and Dutch Point of Entry for a wealth of general information about the Netherlands. Here, you can also pick up resources, brochures, and flyers – consider it your digital goodie bag!

Presentations and Webinars

  • On-Demand Presentations: Like your favorite streaming service, watch presentations whenever suits you best – it's learning tailored to your timetable.
  • Scheduled Webinars: Mark your calendar for these sessions - they run live, just like attending a presentation or theatre show in person. Arrive on time to catch them!
  • Find Out What's On: Check the lobby display or use the "Presentations" menu to browse the full lineup of available sessions.

Social Lounge

  • Network with Ease: Spot who's who in the venue and search for attendees using the magnifying glass icon.
  • Initiate Video Chats: Click on a person's profile to start a video chat anytime, or be on the lookout for an invite from a delegate at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Be the Director: End calls with the red phone icon and manage your camera and microphone with their respective buttons. However, it's best to skip the screen-sharing feature for this event.


  • Beyond the virtual Booths: While you can download plenty of material at the various university and partner booths, additional general information is also available for download in the Resources section.

Navigate these menu items with confidence, and you'll find everything you need for a fruitful and engaging event experience!

Common questions and answers

Your Handy Q&A for Event Success

Time Zone Clarity

  • Q: How can I keep track of the time difference?
  • A: Event times are in Central European Time (CET)—that's Amsterdam time. For those dialing in from other parts of the world, like Beijing, you can check time differences via this link for reference.

Keeping Calm during Technical Troubles

  • Q: What if I encounter technical issues? Panic is setting in!
  • A: Keep calm and carry on! All delegates are aware that tech glitches can happen. If a technical hiccup prevents your interview from happening, the delegate will follow their agenda and reach out later to reschedule via email.

Reaching Out to Delegates

  • Q: Can I contact the delegate before or after the event?
  • A: Absolutely! You've got each other's email addresses for just that purpose.

Tech Troubles on the Day

  • Q: What should I do if my tech is failing or a delegate is a no-show?
  • A: Stick to your plan, stay cool, and reach out via email afterward. The delegate will understand and will likely suggest another appointment, possibly using alternate tools like WeChat, Zoom, Meet, or Skype.

Initiating a Video Interview

  • Q: How do I start a video interview with a delegate?
  • A: Ideally, wait for the delegate to invite you to the call—they'll typically initiate it. If there's a snag, head to the Social lounge menu, use the search function to find the delegate, and hit the video call button if available. If you can't start the video, the delegate may not be online or might be experiencing technical difficulties themselves.

When Video Calls Won't Start

  • Q: What if I can't start a video call for my interview or the delegate can't either?
  • A: The best course of action is to message the delegate or send an email to swap contact details like Skype or WeChat, or even phone numbers to reschedule. If you're having sound or video issues, log out, check your settings (modern browsers and systems need you to give permission for camera and mic access), restart your computer, and try again. If you're on a mobile device, consider switching to a desktop or laptop and remember to use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

Navigate your way through the event with ease, armed with these Q&As to help you handle any situation like a pro!

Visit the venue

Welcome to your new adventure! Let's get you set up with everything you need to navigate the venue smoothly.

Step 1: Create Your Venue Account To kick things off, you'll need to sign up for a dedicated venue account. This is a separate account from your AcademicTransfer account and is essential for accessing all the interactive features. Our technology partner, Engagez, hosts this platform, and you'll find it's the key to unlocking the video-chat and AI help tool.

Step 2: Explore the Venue Once your account is ready, make your way to the venue to begin exploring. Familiarize yourself with the layout and discover the various virtual booths at your leisure. It's a great way to get a feel for the event and decide which areas interest you most.

Step 3: Check Your Appointments Have interviews scheduled? Sit tight—your recruiter or professor will call you via video at the designated time. Make sure to be ready a few minutes early to ensure everything goes smoothly!

No Appointments? No Problem! Even if your schedule is wide open, there's plenty to do:

  • Visit Booths: Roam around freely and engage with different booths.
  • Gather Resources: Feel free to download and review any materials that catch your eye.
  • Enjoy Presentations: Attend presentations and enrich your knowledge.

Step 4: Connect and Communicate Whether you have pre-arranged meetings or not, there are ample opportunities to forge new connections:

  • Start a Chat: Use the video-chat feature to converse with university representatives or faculty members live.
  • Send an Email: Prefer writing? Drop an email to staff members right from their booth's page.

Remember, each interaction is a step closer to your goals, so dive in and make the most of this experience!


Bonus: Podcasts with tips to prepare your visit

Listen to the podcast to prepare for the best experience and stand out from the crowd.