The Netherlands Recruitment Day Instruction

how to visit the event and prepare yourself

Instructions and advice

Use the right browser and setup

We have learned the hard way that only two browsers are compatible without problems: Google Chrome and Firefox. Safari, Explorer, and Edge all give problems, especially with calls initiated directly from the platform. Make sure to use the latest possible update and preferably a headset with a microphone to limit background noise. Be aware, in most cases by the first use of video calls, voice calls and screen-sharing, you need to give our application permissions in your operating system (a pop-up will ask during first use). The use of desktop and laptop computers is advised over the use of mobile phones for your interviews.

Start with a sound- and video test

If you would like to test your sound and video, feel free to start a short video call in the lobby, by clicking the screen in the middle or visit Nuffic Neso, AcademicTransfer or Netherlands point of Entry stands. We are here to help.

Most important menu options

The most important menu items for you are:

Organisations: select the stand to find your delegate (or use the chat menu, see below). In the stands, you can also meet staff officers who can help you with general questions about that university. You can also visit the partners Nuffic Neso, and Dutch Point of Entry for more information and downloads of resources, brochures, and flyers.

Presentations: You can access all presentations and webinars through the presentation menu. Presentations are on-demand and can be watched Netflix-style whenever you like. Webinars are on a scheduled time and date, and you have to visit them on time like going to a real live presentation or theatre. An overview of all presentations and webinars can be found in the lobby at the display or by using the menu "Presentations".

Chat: Here you can see all the people in the venue and search for them by clicking the magnifying glass. Click the person to start a video chat at any given time. You are most likely invited by the delegate at the time of your assigned time slot. Might this not be the case, then you can start the call yourself by inviting the delegate. Once you start the video chat for the interview, you will get a screen similar to this, with you at the bottom and the delegate on top:

  • Use the red phone to end the call
  • Use the camera and microphone icons to switch them off and back on
  • You are advised not to use any other buttons

Downloads: besides the resources, you can download in the university and partner booths, some general information can be downloaded here.

Common questions and answers


Q: What is the time difference between?

A: All times displayed are in CEST (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) time. (For your timezone see for instance Beijing time for your reference).

Q: Panic!

A: Don’t panic. All delegates know we could face all kinds of technical errors. If and when due to technical problems you can not make the interview, the delegate has to stick to his/her own schedule and will send you an email later on to make a new appointment. 

Q: Can i contact the delegate prior to the event or after the event?

A: Sure! You have each other’s email addresses! 

Q: My microphone, video, or technique in general, is not working, or the delegate did not show up.

A: advice is to stick to your schedule, do not panic, and contact the delegate afterwards by email. He or she will kindly invite you for a new appointment and might suggest other tools like WeChat, Zoom, Meet or Skype.

Q: How can i start a video interview with a delegate?

A: In the first place, wait to be invited by the delegate. He or she will generally start the call. In case this goes wrong, you can use the Chat menu, click the magnifying glass and enter (part of) the delegate’s name. Click the delegate and you should be able to click on the video call button. If not, the delegate is probably not online or does not support video calls at the moment due to technical errors.

Q: I can not start a video call for the interview or the delegate can not do so.

A: It is probably best to contact the delegate by text message or email, and exchange Skype or WeChat names or gsm numbers to plan the interview later. You can probably best negotiate another time, and both stick to your schedules for today. If there are technical issues with your sound or video, please log out, check your equipment and settings (most browsers and operating systems require explicit access to peripherals), restart your computer and try again. If you are using a mobile device, consider using a desk-/laptop and make sure to use Chrome or Firefox.

Visit the venue

Visit the venue to start orientienting yourself and the different booths. If you have one or more appointments scheduled for an interview, the recruiter or professor will initiate a call at the scheduled time. If you have no appointments, feel free to visit the different booths, download and view resources and attend to presentations. Without an appointment it is still useful informations and connections can be made with universities and faculties by (video)chat. Start a chat in the booth of the university of your choice.