Create a lasting impression on candidates

Are you making a good impression as an employer? AcademicTransfer offers you the solution to boost your employer brand: the Employer Storyboard. With an Employer Storyboard you can grab and hold the attention of candidates. Tell your authentic story in an attractive way with visuals.

You have four Employer Storyboard options:

  1. The organisational Employer Storyboard
  2. The project-based Employer Storyboard
  3. The job-based Employer Storyboard
  4. The personal Employer Storyboard

Let us show you each option in more detail.

The organisational Employer Storyboard


Attract candidates by telling your organisational story. Show them what it's really like to work at your organisation.

What can you tell on your Employer Storyboard?

1. Your organisational values and work atmosphere
2. What do you offer candidates, what's in it for them?
3. Your unique selling points
4. Employee experiences
5. (Corporate) video's and pictures of the office/workplace

Example organisational Employer Storyboards:

University of Twente
Radboud University
Erasmus University Rotterdam
UMC Utrecht

The project-based Employer Storyboard


Are you hiring multiple candidates for a long-term project? The Employer Storyboard is an ideal way to showcase your project, cooperating partners, information about funding and what kind of candidates you are looking for.

What can you tell on your Employer Storyboard?

1. Project information, research ideas, main goals
2. Cooperating partners
3. Funding information
4. Profile of candidates
5. Open positions

Example project-based Employer Storyboard:


The job-based Employer Storyboard


Nowadays, a job description isn't enough to pull candidates in. In a tight job market candidates take much more into account when considering you as an employer. Let them see what you have to offer on your Employer Storyboard.

What can you tell on your Employer Storyboard?

1. Your mission, vision and values
2. Your team
3. The office and workplace
4. Colleague testimonials
5. Secondary benefits

Example job-based Employer Storyboard:
University of Twente

The personal Employer Storyboard


The personal Employer Storyboard is particularly interesting for professors who participate in our international recruitment events. On your Employer Storyboard you can introduce yourself, showcase your research and what kind of candidates you are looking for. Let international (PhD) candidates get to know you!

What can you tell on your Employer Storyboard?

1. Your personal background
2. Your research
3. Your publications
4. Potential research topics
5. Profile of candidates

Examples personal Employer Storyboards:
Prof. Dr. Theo Arentze
Prof. Dr. Svetlana Khapova
Dr. Yongjun Zhao

Start collecting your content

It first starts with collecting content for us. With the right content we can create your Employer Storyboard in one day!

For most Employer Storyboards we need:

  • A banner picture (min. size 2880 x 1470 pixels)
  • Organisation logo (best results with SVG, otherwise min. 380 x 150 pixels
  • Contact details organisation: website, e-mail, phone number, social media
  • Pictures in .png/.jpg/.jpeg (min. size 300 x 360 pixels)
  • Video url (Youtube/Vimeo)
  • Several paragraphs (± 120 words each)
  • Quotes/testimonials (± 50 words each)

Download our Checklist for all content guidelines.

Please note: All content and visuals need to be approved for public use by your own communication department. It’s your responsibility to provide us with images/videos that third parties can use. Any unlawful use of images and the financial consequences thereof will be transferred to your organisation.

How to reach candidates with your Employer Storyboard?

In academia you sometimes exactly know which candidate you would like to add to your team, because it's a promising scientist in your field. Probably this scientist has several options to choose from. Reach out to him/her with your Employer Storyboard. It's a perfect tool for a proactive recruitment strategy. Make use of your own channels, websites, social media and spread your Employer Storyboard.

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